5 Tips for Writing an Excellent Professional Bio

One of our favorite features of MyProViewer is the full screen wizard tool! This is where doctors or other staff members can add in information about themselves to share with patients and others who visit the waiting room.

MyProViewer WritingWhy share?

When you’re creating the environment for your office waiting room, it’s important to remember that your patients want to feel comfortable and are interested in building a relationship with the staff there-particularly their dentist or orthodontist.

The bio is a perfect way to begin developing this relationship. It gives newcomers a chance to check out your credentials and gives returning patients the opportunity to get to know more about you.

How do I write a good bio?

Writing a good bio can be tricky. It needs to entertain the reader to keep their interest while educating them with valuable information. Here are 5 quick tips on how to write an excellent bio for your MyProViewer content.

  1. Write in 3rd person: Your bio should be styled as if someone was writing it about you, even if it was you who penned it. This makes the bio more professional and appropriate for a wide array of audiences.

  2. Make it quick: Readers these days have short attention spans. The best way to guarantee the reader will read and retain the information is to keep it to about 150-200 words!

  3. Get personal: Add in some interesting facts about yourself–things your patients might not already know. This makes it more intriguing and gives you more personality in the minds of your patients.

  4. Highlight your credentials: Of course, having fun personal information is important, but don’t forget to talk about WHY you are qualified to be their dentist or orthodontist. Touch on where you went to school and notable awards and achievements.

  5. Off to a good start: The first few words are the most important because people will decide if content is worth reading in the first few moments. Take the most interesting and impressive and get off to a good start with your bio!

Now what?

Now that you’ve worked hard on crafting the perfect professional bio, you’re ready to share it with the world! There are a multitude of uses for a solid professional bio, but by far one of the most useful places you can put it is in your MyProViewer content.

Adding the bio to your content will allow you to begin the development of a relationship with your patient from their first visit!

If you have additional questions or are interested in signing up for a MyProViewer account, contact us today!

-The MyProViewer Team