The Benefits of Running a Contest

MyProViewer CompetitionIn the past few years, you’ve probably noticed how many of your fellow dental and orthodontic offices are running contests. In fact, you might have done a few yourself.

There’s a reason so many are doing contests and other promotions these days: competition.

One of our customers is based in Georgia, and he used to be the only orthodontist in his area. Today, he has competition from nearly seventy other orthodontists in the same area! That gives you a sense of how much more competitive the field has become.

Running contests is effective for a few reasons. First of all, a contest rewards existing patients for staying with your practice. Second, it’s great for word of mouth (no pun intended), particularly if the contest you choose is related to referrals!

Of course, to publicize the contest, you should definitely use your waiting room TV and MyProViewer (along with social media).

It’s a great idea to market your practice through contests. Let us know if you’ve had success with contests in the past or plan to do any in the near future!

The MyProViewer Team

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