Can I Upsell and Advertise Services with MyProViewer?

For those who don’t know, we wanted to mention that we often see our dentist and orthodontist customers using MyProViewer to inform their patients about services they offer!

You can create custom graphics, videos, or slides to show patients what you offer at your practice. Often, patients don’t even know about some of the dental services, procedures, or solutions you can provide, such as:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Botox for bruxism
  • Orthodontia
  • Invisalign
  • Sedation dentistry

Patients who might never have thought to ask about any of these services might discover them and ask for more information—all because they saw it on MyProViewer while they were in the waiting room!

MyProViewer - Patients smilingIt’s generally up to you to create this content from scratch, but it’s something we can certainly help get you started on. The important thing is to leverage the power of MyProViewer to create demand for your lesser-known and profitable products and services.

That’s something to smile about!

The MyProViewer Team
It’s What Your Waiting Room Is Waiting For!