You Can Use MyProViewer as a Testimonial Showcase

MyProViewer ReferrallOne of the most compelling ways to convey the value of your product or service is with a testimonial. Patients are much more likely to do something if they’ve seen that other patients are satisfied after doing it themselves.

The “before and after” type of testimonial is particularly memorable!

The Power of Before and After

Imagine if a patient walks in for a regular check-up and happens to notice a “before and after” testimonial on your MyProViewer for another patient who got teeth whitening. The dramatic difference is right there on the waiting room television for them to see.

This patient in your waiting room is discovering the effectiveness of teeth whitening for themselves, rather than being told about it! Don’t you think that has a bigger effect on them than if you brought up that you offer quality teeth whitening services?

I encourage you to experiment with different testimonials on your MyProViewer, including images and video. You’ll come to love what they can do for your practice!

The MyProViewer Team
It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!