How to Create a Great Staff Bio for MyProViewer

How often do you choose to use one company over another, because of a positive employee experience you had? If you’re anything like us, it’s a lot. The staff of any company or organization has the ability to make or break a business. Good employees make a difference.

Patients (and people, in general) like to know and be known; MyProViewer is the perfect way to facilitate such an experience.

MyProViewer for your waiting room

Use MyProViewer as an opportunity to show off your amazing staff to patients! Displaying staff bios serves as one more way to personalize your patients experience. Patients who connect with your staff, in both a personal and professional way, will leave more satisfied with their office experience than those who don’t.

Wondering what to include in an effective staff biography? We’ve included a few key points, below, to keep in mind while creating bios for your office staff.

Essentials of An Effective Staff Bio

  • A photo!

Don’t include just any photo, make it a great photo. A picture really does say a thousand words–and it will either capture the interest of those in the office, or it won’t.

Check out some of the staff bio photos on for ideas, and check out their short but sweet bios while you’re at it!

  • Consider the audience

Keep in mind who you are writing for as the bio is created. Whatever is written should be personal, but professional.

  • Include a meaningful quote

A quote by a well-known figure (either historical or present-day) can share a lot about who a person is.Keep the quote encouraging and genuine.

  • Add personality!

Include hobbies, keep it light-hearted, and make the bio FUN! Don’t be scared to create a laugh. That’s one of the best ways to connect with those people who come into your office.

  • Question and answer

A Q&A can be an effective and creative way to share information about your staff members. The better the questions, the better the bio.

Here is a list of 100 questions to use as a resource. We especially love the first one!

  • Include the whole team!

Last, note that everyone should be included in a staff bio, not just the top company leadership. This demonstrates that your staff is a team, and every member of the team plays a vital part in the success of your company.

It’s All about Connecting!

If you have fun creating content for MyProViewer, readers are going to have fun reading it! FUN and personalized staff bios are just one more way to connect with your patients. Now what office doesn’t want that?

The MyProViewer Team

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