How Your Front Staff Can Turbo-Charge Your Practice’s Growth

What’s the first thing your patients do when they walk through those front doors? That’s right—they head to the front desk to check in with a staff member. After that’s done, they go sit down in the waiting room and…what then?

Those of you who have a MyProViewer television in your waiting room want your patients’ next step to be watching MyProViewer until they’re called back to begin the appointment.

But how often are you personally in the front of the practice, watching patients in the waiting room to see what they’re doing? Probably not very often.

So, if you’re not there to find out how it’s working, how can you know?

That’s where your front staff becomes really important!

Waiting Room Observation

Your front staff can be your eyes in the waiting room. There’s no question that your employees at the front desk will be busy with plenty of other tasks, but you can still give them a standing request to keep an eye on the waiting room and report back what patients are doing. Over time, you’ll hear stories about how much engagement your MyProViewer is earning from patients in the waiting room.

Remember, the MyProViewer is a fantastic platform to get information across to your patients. Using your front staff as a window into that important strategy will help you maximize it as a platform.

Here are a few considerations. First of all, how many alternate entertainment opportunities do you have available? If there’s an assortment of books, magazines, and songs on the radio—not to mention the electronic devices patients might bring in—then MyProViewer has a lot of competition.

Advertise Your MyProViewer

Have patients view MyProViewer instead

Another good idea is simply to point out that MyProViewer exists. After the patient is finished at the front desk, have a staff member say, “Be sure to watch MyProViewer while you wait.” Your staff can go into more detail if they want to, but this puts it on the patients’ radar and makes it more likely they’ll at least give it a try.

Then, if your front staff finds that patients still aren’t staying engaged with MyProViewer, it’s time to change the content you display, and keep tweaking it until the engagement improves.

We hope these tips have been helpful! You can always ask us if you have any questions!

The MyProViewer Team

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