Let’s Review

MyProViewer Online ReviewsLet’s face it, we all read reviews before we make a purchase or choose a new restaurant. Your patients do too. They read reviews about you before they make an initial appointment. How do you make sure that you are putting your best foot forward while eliciting favorable and honest reviews from your valuable patients?

Simple… Ask them!

Don’t forget to incorporate your patient reviews into your MyProviewer content. Building credibility is always beneficial.

Can’t Beat ‘em – Join ‘em!

According to a recent article on DentistryIQ.com:

  • The number of patients using online reviews jumped 68% from 2013 to 2014
  • Nearly half of respondents would go out-of-network for a doctor that has more favorable reviews
  • Yelp is the most popular online review site at 27%, and it ties with HealthGrades for most trusted.

Full Circle

It seems that reviewing everything is not just a fad. It’s on the rise. When you ask for reviews, you are asking your dental patients to tell a friend. A referral is so much more valuable than an anonymous website visitor. A referral is someone who has done their homework on you and is willing to trust you with their smile. And hopefully, they will review you and refer another friend. It’s the circle of life.

We can’t think of a better recommendation than that!


The MyProViewer Team

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