MyProViewer & YOUR Practice: The Why

“We are extremely happy with MyProViewer and how it has changed the experience of those waiting in our reception area. Our patients, and their families, are captivated by the information that is being delivered through MyProViewer. There has been an increased awareness of the orthodontic treatment process that only makes our job easier.” – Anonymous

Beyond using MyProViewer as a marketing tool or to showcase patient transformations, MyProViewer is the perfect tool for building credibility and delivering engaging information to your patients!

Why does Using MyProViewer Matter

Build Credibility

By using MyProViewer to display patient transformations, up-to-date statistics, and customer satisfaction surveys (among other things), you are developing credibility among your clientele. They will trust your abilities because they have seen your abilities.

One More Way to Deliver Information  

We are inundated with advertisements everywhere!

So filled are our eyes and ears with these messages that Marcia Hoeck of A Purposeful Business states that we need to see or hear an advertisement up to 56 times before it’s retained. 56 times!

That is a lot of time and work and money.

MyProViewer serves as a tool that allows patients to get more information, one more time. It’s simply another avenue for marketing success.

Join successful orthodontic and dental practices around the world and find out how MyProViewer can benefit your company today!

The MyProViewer Team

It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!