What is MyProViewer?

Dentist waiting room Imagine a typical busy day in your dental or orthodontic office. A steady stream of patients are coming in and out, many of them spending time in the waiting room either before their own appointment or while they wait for whomever they came with to finish up.

Usually, these types of offices offer some sort of entertainment, such as magazines or traditional television programming on their TV in the waiting area.

Imagine, for a second, a product that can provide entertainment and information for the patients while offering marketing benefits to you and your practice. The good news? That product exists!


Instead of playing Finding Nemo for the 1,000th time, dental and orthodontic offices can use the office TVs to display information that is informative and pertinent to their practice–and they can do it quickly and easily!

MyProViewer is a software solution that was developed to make it easy for offices to display content to their patients. This content can be custom or chosen from the wide variety of options included with the MyProViewer subscription that includes:

  • Customized office announcements
  • Patient before and after images
  • Promote contests and special offers
  • Striking images and photography
  • Local news, weather, sports, and entertainment
  • Oral hygiene tips and info
  • And more!

How does it work?

Once you sign up with MyProViewer, you gain access to the abundance of ready-to-use content that can be enabled, or scheduled, as desired. In addition, you have the ability to create customized content using our built-in wizards and tools. In very little time your television can be transformed into an effective marketing and communication tool.

This system is easy to use and gives your audience excellent and customized content to view while in the waiting room of your practice.
Learn more!

Visit our website or contact us for more information on how MyProViewer can help you promote, educate, and entertain!

-The MyProViewer Team