October Was National Orthodontic Health Month!

MyProViewerDid you know last month was National Orthodontic Health Month? How did you celebrate this event incorporate it into your practice? Did you increase awareness of this special month using MyProViewer?

Whenever events like this comes along, it’s a great opportunity to add some new and interesting content to your MyProViewer as a way of educating your patients. For instance, during National Orthodontic Health Month, you might have considered sharing recipes for dishes that a patient with braces could safely enjoy.

MyProViewer Can Help!

Let MyProViewer help you out in adjusting your content based on the season. In fact, if you make MyProViewer a focal point of your waiting room, it can take the place of excessive seasonal office decorations!

Enjoy the features of your MyProViewer, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something you have questions about.

We hope you enjoyed National Orthodontics Health Month!

The MyProViewer Team
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