Overcoming Staff Objections to MyProViewer

Whether you already have a MyProViewer in your office – or you’re currently considering a purchase – you’ve probably encountered resistance to the idea from your staff. The most common objection is that they don’t have time to learn and monitor the MyProViewer.

This isn’t surprising. Your staff has plenty to do already! It’s going to be a hard sell convincing them that they should add yet another item to their daily list of things to keep track of.

Here’s how to overcome their objections and enjoy the benefits of MyProViewer in your practice.

Time Saver

Believe it or not, MyProViewer isn’t a time intensive addition to the practice. You can spend a lot of time with it if you choose to, but it’s just as easy to pick from some built-in content and start getting results fast!

From the content wizard to remote updating, you and your staff won’t have to spend much time at all getting MyProViewer running in the background. And you can even use it to share things with patients that you would otherwise have to tell them directly, so it can even help you save time overall!

Dollars Earned

MyProViewer GainsYour staff benefits when the practice is thriving. Be sure to mention that just a little time spent with MyProViewer can lead to financial gain. As you’ll learn about in the next few weeks, MyProViewer is perfect for increasing patient satisfaction and improving case acceptance through marketing!

Think of the monetary value in retaining customers and up-selling or cross-selling them on other services you provide. At the end of the day, your staff is in place to help the practice succeed.

The better your practice does, the better you can treat your staff (whether you’re talking raises, bonuses, benefits, profit sharing, office parties, or other perks). That’s sure to be a motivating factor in favor of MyProViewer!

Stay tuned next week for more information about how MyProViewer helps with patient retention and satisfaction.

The MyProViewer Team
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