Increasing Patient Satisfaction with First Impressions

MyProViewer Patient SatisfactionIn a new series we’re starting this month, we want to talk about ways that MyProViewer can assist with a very important metric for the success of any practice: patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is what keeps patients coming back to you, year after year, for all their dental and orthodontic needs. Just as important, patient satisfaction encourages word of mouth, which is a very cost-effective way of acquiring new patients.

And that’s where we want to focus for this post: when a new patient first walks into your office.

First Impressions

No, we’re not talking about taking first impressions of a patient’s teeth! We’re thinking of the other kind of impression.

The first impression has a long-standing effect on how you and your practice will be perceived. Psychology says that in just a few seconds, people will make a number of assumptions and judgments about you based on the first time they see you.

That rings true when it comes to service providers too. Your relationship with patients starts at the first impression, incorporating both how they perceive your practice and how they perceive you to form an overall opinion.

The MyProViewer Effect

Imagine it from the patients’ perspective for a moment. Which sounds better?

They could walk into your office and see a few dusty old magazines, or they could walk in and see the MyProViewer screen with eye-catching images, text, and video! Already, they’ve made a judgment that your practice is fairly successful and in touch with the times.

You can then take it a step further by introducing elements in the MyProViewer that reveal more about you and your practice. Maybe you’ll include a personal video that welcomes patients, or share photos of your recent cross-country vacation, or give more information about the practice. (We’ll talk more about relationship building next month.)

The point is, MyProViewer plays a key role in first impressions and making a patient feel welcome and at ease. You can use it to your advantage—and we encourage you to do so!

Stay tuned for next month’s installment, where we’ll discuss how relationship building can improve patient satisfaction!

The MyProViewer Team

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