Where Are Your New Patients Coming From?

MyProViewer New PatientsI want you to ask yourself the following question: Where do our practice’s new patients come from?

A good percentage of them probably come from existing patient referrals. Using tools like MyProViewer can help streamline the process of getting your current patients to refer you new ones.

But if you ignored patient referrals for the moment, where do you think most of your new patients come from?

Where Do Patients Come From?

To answer that question, put yourself in the shoes of an individual who’s just moved to town and wants to book a dental appointment. If they don’t know anybody in town, where are they going to turn for information?

That’s right: the Internet! More specifically, they’ll probably hit up Google and look for dentists near their home. If you’re on that list–and especially if you’re at the top of it–then you’ll enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads and prospective patients coming straight to you.

And that’s what inbound marketing really is. You want people who are looking for the service you provide to be able to easily find you, rather than always trying to get their attention through traditional outbound marketing strategies like cold calls, radio ads, and billboards.

What’s Next?

Here’s a homework assignment for you. Take a moment to think about how each of the following could be improved:

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Your social media presence
  • Your search engine ranking
  • Your online reputation

After you come up with an idea for improving each aspect of your inbound marketing, break it down into smaller steps and take action. Once you’ve successfully implemented a coordinated inbound marketing campaign, you’ll really start to see new patients coming in!

As always, if you have questions or want help with your inbound marketing to attract new patients, we’re just a click or a call away!

Relax. More customers are on the way.

~Inbound Systems