When Should You Update Your MyProViewer Content?

TUpdate your MyProViewer when your content needs changehere are plenty of times when it makes sense to update your MyProViewer content, graphics, and style, such as after a change of season.

We would like to emphasize a specific scenario where MyProViewer should really be updated.

Any time the aesthetic of your physical office or website changes, it’s a good idea to make an update to your MyProViewer’s content as well. This could include moving to a new office, renovating your current office, initiating a website redesign, etc.

Why Update Your MyProViewer?

What’s the reason for synchronizing a visual upgrade on MyProViewer with these other events? It’s all about consistency. When you go through a significant office renovation or refresh your website, everything from your color scheme to your logo could be radically different. It’s crucial that you make all the necessary changes and updates to your MyProViewer content as well, to ensure that it looks like it belongs!

Fortunately, you can reuse a lot of the elements you paid for in your website redesign or office renovation. Grab that new logo and include it on MyProViewer. Take some pictures of the old and new office to use as a before-and-after comparison!

Don’t forget that your MyProViewer subscription offers unlimited customer support — we’re only a phone call away! Whether it’s content, graphics, or technical support, we’ve got you covered.

The MyProViewer Team
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