How to Put Your Marketing Money to Good Use

Our friends Dusty and Nikki Green at Ortho Media make incredible in house DVD’s for orthodontists! They offer a very high quality product designed to be a very effective way to connect with prospective and existing patients.

Stuffed In A Drawer?

MyProViewer Invisalign content varietyCustom in house promotional videos are a great investment for most orthodontic

practices, the pricing varies depending on which package you choose and any

options that you’d like to include. But they certainly know that cost is always a
concern, so they offer three different packages, each designed to get the maximum

impact for your budget. Dusty and Nikki are always willing to customize a package

according to your needs and your budget.

Most of these videos take a tour of your office and then show different techniques you may use. This gives your patients a wonderful opportunity to get to know your practice a little more.

Once you have created this video, make sure to put it on your website! By doing this, you will give potential patients a sense of ease when choosing your practice for their orthodontic procedures.

But, please, don’t stop there! MyProViewer can help make your practice shine, by adding much more value to your investment. We will help showcase your video creatively, and prevent your asset from being stuffed in a drawer.

Providing you with a new avenue to capitalize on a great investment!

Taking Care Of Business

We recently talked with Dusty about a client that has been with us for 5 to 6 years. The team at Ortho Media made one of these great in house videos with them some time ago.

The orthodontic office utilized the video on their website, but was then unsure what else to do with it. They are not using this fantastic video on their MyProViewer!

MyProViewer AAO Marketing contentHaving friends in business can sometimes prove invaluable. Of course, we will be calling that office and following up on it.

We understand the value of having diverse content to display in your waiting room. This is why we have Invisalign videos, full screen content, and AAO marketing content that can be mixed in with your custom video.

By putting it on your MyProViewer, the content then gets shuffled in every so often or however you have it set to. By not using a continuous stream of the same video you will be capturing your waiting rooms attention and keeping it.

Recent statistics are showing that you only have 8 seconds to catch your audience’s’ attention. Let us help you make those 8 seconds count!

Now that you have spent all that marketing money on your custom video, use MyProViewer to take full advantage of it!

The MyProViewer Team

It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!