Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

At the 2014 AAO Convention we packed our booth full of fun, visually-appealing elements. We had two TV’s in the booth. One mounted vertically, or in a portrait orientation, and the other in the traditional horizontal mount.

Some of the orthodontists in attendance had some interesting responses to our portrait TV mounting!

Portrait oriented waiting room tvAttention Grabbing

Your MyProViewer content can, however be shown in this mode without giving your audience a crick in their necks.

We designed all of the MyProViewer content to be available in this format for one simple reason. To quickly intrigue and captivate your patients the moment they walk in the door.

Supercharge your waiting room by making it unique and attention grabbing! Showing that your office is different from the moment everyone walks through your door makes you stand out among your competition.

Does your practice need something to give you that extra edge? Let us show you how we can give them something to talk about!

A Portrait TV

Many orthodontists were very intrigued by our portrait mount.

The most interesting question this TV elicited was, “Can I show television programming or movies in this format?”

Well, you CAN, if you want to make your patients turn their heads 90 degrees to watch it!

The MyProViewer Team

It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!