Short Attention Spans Need Shorter Content on Your Waiting Room TV

Waiting Room Televisions with MyProViewerMany dentists and orthodontists like to have movies playing on their waiting room televisions, because they do a good job of occupying kids.

This might be true, but there are some compelling reasons to go with shorter content on your waiting room television (aside from the copyright issues associated with playing movies that you don’t have permission to display).

1) Avoiding Disruptions

A big risk in playing movies for kids is that they’ll get too engrossed and not want to go back to the dentist’s chair when it’s time for their appointments. You could find yourself getting behind schedule if the kids are resistant to starting their checkups before the movie is over, and a disruption in the waiting room is the last thing you want!

2) Quick Marketing Messages

Think about how long a standard TV commercial is. You’ll usually see a 15- or 30-second spot, which is enough time to get the message across and then get out!

That’s how you want it to be for your waiting room TV too, because overly promotional programming will make people tune out—and you don’t want your adult patients to miss any of the message because they have to head back to the dentist’s chair!

3) Easier to Produce

Let’s face it…you’re busy! All the stuff you do when you aren’t seeing patients is necessary, but still a distraction. If you’re producing custom content for your MyProViewer television, you want to produce something quickly and get it into the rotation without delay.

That’s preferable to taking time off from your practice to do a thirty-day shoot on location in the Mojave desert for a new commercial about veneers.

Good luck with your short, punchy content!

The MyProViewer Team

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