These Top 5 Responses Surprised Even Us!

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“Do You Have a Television In Your Waiting Room?”

Waiting Room Televisions with MyProViewerOur question to orthodontists was a simple one. The follow up to the initial question, “What do you display on your TV?”, had some surprising answers!

Here are the top five responses and why some of them surprised even us.

#5 – Movies

This answer isn’t surprising. Most orthodontist waiting rooms are filled with children, pre-teens, and teenagers. Movies are a safe route to take. They keep patients happy but add zero value to your practice.

#4 – Power Points

If you have a HIGHLY creative employee on staff that also happens to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Power Point, then this may be a solution for your waiting room television. However, the real question is: Do you have time to spare this employee for that type of project?

Powerpoint is a time consuming project even for a seasoned veteran. It may be an effective marketing strategy, but you have to weigh the time consumption against your return. Keeping those slides up to date requires a lot of time and effort.

#3 – I Don’t Have A TV

In the competitive market that the dental and orthodontic world has become, staying cutting edge is paramount.

Building brand loyalty with the younger generation is a must for referrals and repeat business. Teens today are loyal to things that feel new, fresh, and cutting edge. Without electronics in your waiting room, you may be missing out on appealing to everyone that comes through your waiting room.

#2 – Cable TV

While this answer is not surprising in the least, it was a two fold answer.

Almost all doctors that showed Cable TV in their waiting room, also said they didn’t want to be showing it. They just didn’t know what other options were out there.

#1 – I Have A TV But We Don’t Use It

“Our TV doesn’t even get turned on”….. This answer surprised me!

Keep Your Television Up To Date

The thing that gets me with all of these answers, is that these orthodontists are missing out on some incredible opportunities! Think about it for a moment. Pre-teens and teenagers are the most active on social media sites and the most likely to engage in a contest or giveaway.

They are also the most likely to tell their teenage friends (that may need braces themselves) about your office if you are keeping them engaged in your practice and creating brand loyalty.

MyProViewer can be utilized for all of the above with some easy programming and minimal time from you or your staff. We are in a fast paced business with little time to spare, so don’t waste yours trying to figure out how to market your waiting room.

We do that for you!



It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!