What Does Your Website Say About You?

It’s a reality that much of our dental and orthodontic world has gone online. There are many great things that come from this!

7 Essential Reasons You Need a Website

  1. To be found! If you aren’t online, your dental patients will have a much harder time finding you.

  2. Patients will trust you more readily. Fleishman-Hillard did a survey that found that 89% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase.

  3. A website helps you manage your online reviews and post testimonials. If patients find nothing but other people’s comments about you on various sites, how will they know where you really stand on various dental issues?

  4. Your competitor has a website. We certainly don’t want you to fall into the “everyone else is doing it” mentality, but this is one situation where you should!

  5. You are now available 24 hours without being in the office. Let’s say one of your patients bites into something at the dinner table and chips a tooth. If you wrote a blog post about this topic, it could answer their question about what they should do immediately, and what can wait until tomorrow morning when you are in the office.

  6. You can easily track the ROI of a website. At the end of the day your dental practice is a business and you need to know what the return is on all of your investments.

  7. Your marketing is incomplete without one. As a bonus, you now have access to a very inexpensive form of marketing!

Build a Cohesive Brand

Your website, like anything else you do for your practice, needs to be done right. Having an old and outdated website is not going to be as beneficial as the doctor down the street who has a visually appealing and modern website.

MyProViewer Website

Making sure your website is up to date can attract patients for your practice. As well, when patients come into your office for the first time, it is important to WOW them.

Imagine the WOW factor that comes when that new patient walks in and sees a sleek, modern space with a state-of-the-art waiting room TV filled with original content specific to your practice.

Having a cohesive image from the moment a patient finds you online, to the moment they leave your office happy and satisfied makes for repeat patients. Those patients hopefully will have loved their experience so much, that they will willingly give you testimonials. Testimonials in which you can convert to more original content for your MyProViewer system.

Here at MyProViewer, we make it easy to keep your waiting room updated and current. Our state-of-the-art system is simple to update with new fresh content. That way, when your patient comes back for their next visit, they will have something new to watch while waiting for their appointment.

The MyProViewer Team

It’s What Your Waiting Room is Waiting For!