What Will 95% of Your Patients Do?

Patient testimonials are a very valuable resource for any dentist or orthodontist. With the multitude of providers available to patients in any community, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date and show those potential future clients why you are the right doctor for them. How better to do this than through the words of other patients?

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3 Easy Steps to Get a Great Testimonial

Here are 3 easy steps we at MyProViewer have gathered over the course of our business to get those elusive testimonials.

1. Give Great Service

We know this part sounds like common sense, and it is. Mostly.

If you are not providing great service to your dental or orthodontic patients from the moment they walk through the front door until they say goodbye to the receptionist on their way out, there’s a decent chance they will give feedback. Unfortunately, it won’t be the sort of feedback that brings business.

Did you know that 95% of patients will share a bad experience, while only 87% will share a good one, according to a Zendesk recent survey? What this means for you is, no skipping step #1.

2. Choose People With a Great Story About You

We have an orthodontist client who recently called to request directions for posting a great new testimonial on his MyProViewer screen.

While sharing this information, we asked him what the testimonial said. It surprised us when he told me he had actually made a mistake with this patient! However, he went out of his way to make it right.

The orthodontist’s patient was so blown away by the great treatment the doctor gave while making up for the error, they immediately gave him a testimonial! While we don’t recommend making mistakes, if you do, just make sure and make them right.

3. ASK For a Testimonial!

This final step is sometimes the hardest for people. Although, If we think about it, how will they know to give you a testimonial if you don’t ask?

Asking can come in various forms. One great method is to include a reminder on your appointment card for them to go online and review your services.

Of course, our favourite method is to have your testimonials playing on your MyProViewer waiting room TV. This triggers patients to ask about it, which opens the door to say, “would you like to leave one as well?

How do You Take Advantage of Testimonials?

The dictionary defines testimonials as “a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications”. With such a powerful tool at your disposal what do you do with it?

Show it off, of course! It is not easy to get those great patient testimonials, so don’t file them away! MyProViewer offers you an easy solution to showing those testimonials to all your other patients in the waiting room.

After you have uploaded that great new testimonial to your MyProViewer content, don’t forget to also publicize it on your website or social media sites. The more people that see it, the better!

The MyProViewer Team

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