Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Patient Compliance

In this series we’ve been doing about increasing patient satisfaction, we’ve covered how MyProViewer can make a good impression on new patients, and how it can foster a deeper relationship between the patient and you or your staff.

This time around, let’s look at how MyProViewer improves patient compliance in a way that makes your patients happier with the experience they get from you.

Unobtrusive Reminder

It can be frustrating as a dentist to constantly tell your patients what they need to be doing to make the most of the care they’re paying for. Whether it’s orthodontic work or keeping their teeth clean, patients always benefit from reminders about the proper way to stay on top of their oral health.

But do they like hearing it from you and your dental staff? While the occasional reminder is okay, it can start to sound more like scolding or preaching than helpful advice – and that won’t make patients feel good about your practice.

How MyProViewer Can Help

Thankfully, MyProViewer is a better way to accomplish the same thing. When you have patients sitting in the waiting room, you can display a number of “tips” that actually tell them the information they need to know to take care of their teeth!

MyProViewer increases patient compliance and smiles!

By reading it themselves on MyProViewer, the information comes across as a handy tip rather than chastising. The visual aspect of seeing the tip is also more memorable than when you or a staff member simply says it.

This way, your patients will become more compliant with the dental treatment they are receiving, and be satisfied with how the message was delivered.

Best of all, you can use some of our great pre-made content included in MyProViewer! You can talk about the rules for wearing retainers, the importance of doing regular dental check-ups, and more.

As always, it’s all highly customizable, so you can get exactly what you want on that waiting room screen!

Are you wanting to know more about how MyProViewer can improve patient compliance and increase their satisfaction? Contact us today to learn more!

The MyProViewer Team
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