MyProViewer Features

A media machine digital marketing

A Media Machine

MyProViewer efficiently delivers HD media to your TV. You control the content online, effortlessly.

quickstart digital marketing

Quick Start

“Presentation ready” out-of-the-box, you personalize it as you like.

letter waiting room tv

Easy Messaging

Create and manage all your message content with ease

schedule your waiting room tv

Schedule It

Use the scheduler function and turn on & turn off your messages as you desire.

professional photos for your waiting room tv

Professional Imagery

Thousands of gorgeous images, dozens of themes to choose from, or add your own.

video for your waiting room tv

Great Video

Add videos from the media library to your display with a click, or add your own.

computer friendly digital marketing

PC friendly

Yes, MyProViewer is fully supported on PC browsers

mac friendly digital marketing

MAC friendly

Yes, MyProViewer is fully supported on MAC browsers.

content wizard for your waiting room tv

Content Wizards

Quickly build professional full screen announcements, and Before&Afters using a selection of slick wizards.

Customize your waiting room tv for the holidays

Tis The Season

Bring in the holidays by adding thematic holiday images to your presentation, with a click.

patients can check the weather on your waiting room tv

Local Weather

Include up-to-date local weather, or perhaps set it to someplace warmer

world news on your waiting room tv

World Stories

Select news feeds and integrate dynamic real time news on your display, or add your own.

select stories for your digital marketing


Select story feeds from a library of topics, or add your own in MyProViewer’s RSS manager.

twitter straight to your waiting room tv

Twitter Me

Twitter quick personalized messages direct to your display.

broadcast digital marketing to multiple locations

Multiple Locations

Broadcast your content across multiple TVs, at the same location or across town.

hd waiting room tv solutions

High Definition

Imagery and video content is optimized in stunning 1080p high definition resolution.

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