Let’s Talk About “Low-Hanging Fruit” in Practice Marketing

Low Hanging Fruit with MyProViewerThere’s a term you’ve probably heard of called “low-hanging fruit.” In marketing, this refers to opportunities for quick and easy sales.

If you want to make the most out of the dollars you use in marketing your dental practice, you should look into the easiest ways to get more “sales,” or case acceptance.

The Best Low-Hanging Fruit

Once you start thinking in terms of low-hanging fruit, you’ll probably start to see opportunities that you hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps the most promising example of low-hanging fruit is your existing dental patients.

These are people who already have a relationship with you, already have insurance figured out, and are likely to give some thought to any suggestions you might have for further work.

This is not to say you should start making up problems to solve for your existing patients, but don’t be afraid to suggest different procedures or products that you offer. Current patients will be more favorable to any cross-selling or up-selling that you decide to do.

How to Entice Patients to Come Back

Encouraging patients to accept a procedure you’ve recommended is one thing, but getting them back in the chair for regular dental check-ups is another. It’s so much easier and more profitable to get your current patients to come back again and again than it is to keep attracting new patients.

The solution? After you get them in the door, make them feel welcome. Treat them well and be personable. The MyProViewer is a great way to accomplish these goals.

Another idea is to offer a loyalty program. Give patients rewards like gift cards or discounts for making and keeping appointments, compliance with procedures, and any other behaviors you want to recognize. There’s a strong urge to stick with someone once you have a stake in it, so loyalty programs are another great strategy.

Obviously, these ideas are just to help you get started thinking about those opportunities for low-hanging fruit. If you need more advice on marketing and implementing these strategies, contact us today!

Relax. More customers are on the way.
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